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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can it be installed in Bathrooms and Toilets and Kitchens?


Our Tarkett Starfloor Click and O Flooring can be laid on any stable, flat indoor surface. That said, we do not recommend the use of harsh cleaning agents, which may degrade the flooring material.


These vinyl tiles/planks are water, wear & fire resistant. Heavy mopping does not present any issue.


2. Is it Pet Friendly?


Tarkett Starfloor Click Luxury Vinyl Tiles contain no phthalates meaning they are non toxic and are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds or off gases). 


They are water, wear & fire resistant and certified to European Commission's EN14041 Standard.


In other words, Starfloor Click floorings would have less micro organic compounds released (10 x lesser than EU standards), making them highly suitable for pets, small children and allergy sufferers.


For animals that scratch, this would be a subjective question. Tests conducted are based on castor wheels leaving no marks on the material (ISO 4918); it is wear, scuff & scratch resistant through its wear layer (EN ISO 24340) & resistant to indentation  (EN ISO 24343-1). These vinyl floorings have been installed in many commercial high traffic areas with no issue.


3. Can it be Installed on Walls /  Kitchen Backsplash?


Tarkett’s Starfloor Click and O Flooring are beautiful on walls and we’ve had many customers who have used them for walls. However, as they are essentially floating flooring materials, you would require adhesives to safely mount them on walls, which would void the manufacturer’s warranty.


4. Can I install it myself?


Absolutely. With some simple tools, you can easily install our Tarkett Starfloor Click or O Flooring range at home. See our instruction video on our installation page to show you just how easy it is to change the look of your home with our beautiful luxury vinyl tiles that can be mixed and matched and used in combination.


Just make sure the existing floor surface is clean and flat before you start. Check that there is enough clearance under any door if you are installing over existing flooring. If there isn’t enough clearance, the bottom of the doors might need to be planed or sanded to allow for new flooring to be laid over.


Measure the size of the each room and allow for between 10 to 15% wastage. (For smaller areas or odd shaped rooms, you should allow for more wastage)


If you want to mix different designs, you might require more allowance for wastage.


The edges do not require skirtings and if you wish to seal the edges, we recommend using a silicone sealant to allow for expansion and contraction. Tarkett does produce skirting in a range of colours if you wish to use skirting to complement our flooring.


5. Can I use it in combination with other brands or surfaces?


Certainly. If they use the same patented Unilin Click System and the height is the same, then it's easy to mix and match. If there is a height difference, then we recommend using a transition strip (trimming) for safety. For combining with thick pile carpet, a transition strip is not necessary.


Our Tarkett Starfloor Click and O Flooring have both been used in combination beautifully with carpet, marble and ceramic tiles.


6. Can it be used on stairs?


Yes, they can be used on stairs. Adhesives will need to be applied as well as nosings for the edges. Due to the use of adhesives, the warranty will not apply.


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